Solution or how to solve a car breakdown on the road

What to do if your car breaks down? Of course, the first thing to do is not to panic, especially if the car suddenly breaks down on a quiet road or who can get help Vehicle Pound Recovery London. You can try some of the following methods to repair a broken down car.

1. Immediately park the car on the side of the road

The first step in a car breakdown is to immediately bring the car to the side or side of the road. This is important so as not to impede the flow of traffic, to maintain your safety and the safety of other drivers, and you can freely determine the cause and overcome the car breakdown.

If the car suddenly stops at night, turn on the hazard lights or other lights. Its purpose is to signal that a vehicle is in trouble so that other drivers are more careful when crossing the road. If the car’s lights do not come on at all, you can place an emergency warning triangle at a distance of approximately 3 to 10 meters or before a turn in front and/or at the rear of the car. a winding road.

2. Check the lights to know the status of the car

What are the next steps if the car breaks down? The next step in dealing with a car breakdown is to check the car warning light built into the car’s speedometer (odometer). The light contains many symbols, whether it is the symbol for battery, radiator water, oil, brakes, fuel, engine and others. In general, the light can tell you if the engine is damaged, the radiator temperature is too high, the fuel level is low, or a battery problem.

If the problem is caused by engine overheating, wait a while for the car to cool down. Then open the radiator cap and add water to it. Do the same if it turns out that the car stalling problem is caused by a lack of oil.

If the car is stalling because the fuel has run out, this is usually indicated by the fuel gauge not rising. The function of this indicator is to show the amount of fuel remaining in a car.

 fill it completely. Therefore, always make sure to fill your car’s fuel gauge, you should fill it first if it is close to the low sign.

3. Check the water level of the battery and battery cables

If the cause of the vehicle stalling is a battery problem, check the battery water level and battery cables after the engine has cooled. Battery water that is not high enough or not full can prevent the engine from starting properly, so you will need to replace or top up with battery water. Note: Never fill the battery with mineral water or tap water, as this may damage the battery.

Then check if the battery cable is loose or dirty. Tighten and clean loose cables. Loose battery cables can prevent the battery from charging and performing optimally. Another solution if the car engine won’t start is to charge the battery first, this can be pushed or provoked with another car battery.

4. Check the fuse belonging to the motor

A car engine that suddenly stalls when you release the accelerator can be caused by a blown or loose fuse. The fuse connected to the engine will not start the engine if you turn the ignition key to the on position. Although this problem is more common on older cars, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to your car.

Generally, this fuse problem is caused by the drastic drop in the voltage of the electric current to the coil and the fact that the combustion process is not perfect. The lightest part is difficult to get electricity, so it is not able to run the car. Tighten a loose fuse or replace it with a new fuse to fix it.

5. Contact the tow truck

If you are unable to handle a broken down car yourself, you can contact a trusted towing service. This is why it is very important that you register a towing service number so that they can help you in the event of an accident at any time. If the car suddenly stops on the toll road, you can use a Charlton Police Impound Recovery Truck | Car Pound Recovery Perivale towing service. The cost of overhaul or towing vehicles varies depending on the type and size of the car and the distance between and between the towing vehicles.

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