Old Car Care Tips To Keep The Car Optimal

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You need to understand that car maintenance is an important ritual to do after traveling back and forth with your favorite vehicle. Various components must be checked so that the car can stay fit when used again for activities. Starting from the exterior, interior, engine to the legs sector. Especially if the car you have is old, more detailed old car maintenance is needed.

In addition to car maintenance above, you are also advised to keep checking components such as brakes, clutch, oil and so on as car maintenance that must be done. The aim is to reassure the condition of the car after traveling away to stay in top shape. Here are some old car maintenance that you can do to always keep the car’s performance and condition ready for use.

Old Car Care: Check Car Body Parts

The first old car care you must do is check the condition of the car body When traveling, there may be scratches or some dented parts without your knowledge. It could be someone else or your nephew scratching your car. So you need to check every part of the car body so it still looks cool, there are no scratches or dents.

Old Car Care: Look at the Interior

The second old car maintenance is washing the car and cleaning the car interior. After you have traveled a long way, of course the dust and dirt that sticks to the car body can make the quality of the car paint decrease. You can do a car wash at home or take it to a car wash.

In addition, car maintenance in the interior must also be done because it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your car’s cabin. Make sure the vehicle interior is clean from leftovers of food and drinks in the cabin. Moreover, the car that you have is an old car that has the potential to be used as an investment, the interior must be maintained properly.

Do a thorough cleaning, from the cabin to the trunk so as not to cause an unpleasant smell and avoid insects entering the cabin. Don’t forget to clean the AC air filter so that the dirt that sticks to it doesn’t become a nest of germs.

Old Car Care: Check the Car Engine Oil Section

Old car care then switches to the engine. Check the condition of the car oil whether it has to be replaced or added. Lubricants are the component most often replaced when the car is going on a long trip. After returning from the trip, you can be sure that the oil will be reduced especially if you travel long distances with jammed conditions. Remember that lubricants play an important role in maintaining the performance of your engine, don’t forget to change the oil. Engine maintenance by checking the oil on an old car is very important.

Old Car Care: Check Radiator Water

The next maintenance of an old car is to check the condition of the radiator water. During a long trip, of course, the engine requires an extra cooling process. This is where the work of the radiator as an engine cooling device is very important. At such times, usually the cooling fluid in the radiator decreases. Open the lid of this device and when the liquid is reduced immediately add. Remember not to open the lid when the engine is hot. Also check the condition of the old car radiator that you have, whether there is a leak or not. If a little water seepage is found, it is better to immediately bring it to the garage for further inspection.

Old Car Care: Check the Spark Plug Section

These devices are often underestimated when doing maintenance on old cars in the engine part, even though their function is very decisive. Spark plugs for example function to ignite an electric fire in the combustion process in the engine combustion chamber. Without these devices, it is certain that the combustion process will not occur and the car engine cannot be started. Typically, the spark plugs experience a decline with age. But it can also happen because of long trips and the car drove continuously …

Old Car Care: Check the Timing Belt Section

The next old car maintenance is checking the timing belt. Replacement of the timing belt based on the kilometer mileage indicator on the speedometer. If the timing belt has been used for 50,000 km, you should immediately replace it with a new one even if there is no damage. You also have to see if the timing belt in your car is damaged, cracked or still in good condition.

Old Car Care: Air Filter Condition

The next old car maintenance is in the air filter or air filter. This component serves to provide clean air to be sprayed in the combustion chamber. Therefore, it should be cleaned before traveling long distances. The use of water filters is based on a distance of about 10,000 km.

Old Car Care: Check Braking Conditions

During long trips, the driver often brakes, especially during traffic jams. it is very necessary to perform maintenance on old cars in the braking components.

Old Car Care in the Clutch Section

The next old car maintenance is in the car clutch. The long age of the car is the reason why you need to check the clutch plate often. Moreover, coupled with the long journey you take. This will cause the clutch plate to wear out quickly, so you still control the condition of your car’s clutch. Care of old cars on the clutch plate can not be seen with the naked eye. It takes a special mechanic because of its difficult location.

Old Car Maintenance in the Tire Section

The next old car care is in the car tires. Like shoes, the task of tires is very heavy. Starting from supporting the car body, directing, adjusting the speed of the car to reducing vibrations from road conditions. Not to mention if the car is burdened with passenger loads and goods that exceed its capacity.

in general, car maintenance in the tire can be done by checking tire pressure, the physical condition of the tire to the thickness of the tread. Also pay attention to the condition of the wheels and check the condition of the spare tire.

Old Car Care in the Feet

The next old car care is on the legs. In this section there are 4 important components namely the steering system, suspension, brakes and wheel drive. Everything works simultaneously and gets pressure from driving style and road conditions. Performance, especially for front-wheel drive cars, will be heavier because all components are centered on the front. Hence, check if there is a lubricant leak, brittle or damaged rubber. Do spooring and balancing to make it fit again.

Old Car Care in Fuel Filters

During long trips, drivers sometimes have to refuel not according to the recommended octane due to the availability of fuel in certain areas. Therefore, make sure you also check the fuel filter, and can replace it to minimize the dirt that gets into the combustion chamber components.

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