Hard or heavy car clutch pedal? This is the cause and the solution

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The automatic clutch is a part of a vehicle that serves to disconnect the rotation of the engine and connect it to the transmission. It might not be too confusing for automated users when they are stuck in traffic.

But for manual transmission users, getting stuck in a traffic jam can be quite annoying, especially when the car’s clutch pedal is hard. Your knees and ankles may hurt if the clutch pedal feels hard or heavy.

The condition of this hard car clutch pedal is actually affected by a number of things, but mainly due to a lack of maintenance and handling. We need to understand how to drive correctly, do not step on the clutch pedal, as this will accelerate the wear of the clutch disc.

Clutch plate wear can cause the car clutch pedal to

it feels hard when you step on it. Additionally, there are several other things that cause a hard car clutch pedal, including:

Makes the car clutch pedal feel hard and heavy

1. Clutch cable

The most common problem often associated with hard car clutches, especially those of the mechanical type, is a trailing wire or steel cable. Rarely lubricated with oil, which quickly makes the car’s clutch cable crunchy and the clutch pedal ends feel heavy.

The solution is pretty simple dude, just coat the cable with lube to minimize friction with the clutch cable sleeve.

But if you look at it now, it’s time to use the factory gawan powder so you don’t need any more liquid lubrication. As for the hydraulic clutch of the car using fluid pressure, it seems that you no longer have to pay attention to the cables because their function has been replaced.

2. Realization of bearings:

The release bearing that presses the diaphragm spring plate into the clutch cover has a major impact if the part does not work or is damaged.

One of them, when we step on the clutch pedal, the car will feel heavy, how to solve this problem should be replaced by these components.

3. Pilot bearing:

Not very different from the previous one, the part that acts as a support for the input shaft in order to be parallel to the center line of the crankshaft.

Indeed, from its function we can also analyze that if there is a failure in the pilot bearing, the impact is that it will be difficult to change gears and of course the clutch pedal of the car will feel hard.

As usual, you only need to replace the damaged part, that is, the guide bearing, with one that is still in good condition.

4. Clutch lining

There is no denying that the canvas role is very necessary in the clutch working system, a car clutch that is already thin or worn will only cause problems if it is not replaced immediately. One is that the car loses power, the car clutch is depressed, and of course the car clutch pedal feels hard when you press it.

As for how to tell if the clutch is running low, the car usually gives off a musty smell. Although the roads we pass are still in normal condition, not extreme.

How to solve the problem of the hard clutch of the car from this, friends, immediately go to the auto parts store and look for a replacement. The tips are to choose the canvas according to the type above (built into the car).

5. Clutch cover

Parts maintenance period also contributes to the cause of hard car clutches, one of which is the old sun (clutch cover).

This problem occurs when the compression spring of the clutch disc begins to weaken, the way to fix it should be replaced with a new one. Perform a replacement to return the car clutch to its original condition (light clutch).

6. Crispy components

Performance between components will always create friction, forcing all engine parts to remain wet (oil lubricated).

Lubricate components immediately, such as: thrust bearings and sun springs. This is to alleviate the pull between the components so that you can overcome the weight of the car’s clutch pedal when it is depressed.

7. Driver habits

The cause of the car clutch pedal feels difficult and is due to the driver’s wrong habits. It seems trivial, but it causes significant damage.

Spontaneously stepping on and releasing the clutch can make the clutch plate attached to the flywheel feel heavy, especially the car’s clutch lining will also quickly thin or wear out.

The solution is simple, slowly step on the car’s clutch pedal until it is full and release it slowly, of course, depending on the speed of the car. It’s good that you don’t like hanging your foot on the clutch pedal when driving.

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